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Giordano Bros – All in One Sandwiches

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A good friend first brought me to Giordano Bros on St. Patrick’s Day and since then I seem to have forgotten that any other restaurants in North Beach exist. For the uninitiated, Giordano Bros serves “All in one sandwiches” which essentially means they throw a healthy handful of French fries all up in your sandwich. This is like the gourmet equivalent of that genius in 3rd grade that discovered if he tossed a few Ruffles on his bologna and cheese it would make him the king of the cafeteria. The combination of the house made coleslaw, french-fries and grilled sandwich meat is truly phenomenal and if you want to sound like a pro and have an extra fifty cents in your pocket ask them to add a fried egg to your sando. The sandwiches are so big that they are delivered to you with a fork to assist in shoveling everything into your face; the best part is this magical combination of bread, meat and potatoes won’t set you back more than $7.25.

With a wide variety of sandwiches and beer to choose from Giordano Bros is the ideal place to go to watch a game or to pad your stomach before a long night in North Beach. Just be wary that if you come here to watch football and don’t care for The Pittsburgh Steelers, you will be out of luck as Giordano Bros has been designated the official Steelers bar in San Francisco by the Pittsburgh City Council.

Giordano Bros also features live music five nights a week and happy hour from 3pm to 7pm Monday through Friday. The staff is always friendly and efficient making this is the kind of place where I am happy to lay down the few dollars I have.

For the full menu click HERE

Giordano Bros. 303 Columbus Ave. (@ Broadway) [North Beach] a

Photo courtesy Yelper Luis C.

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