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Go Fly a Kite!.. in Berkeley!…This Weekend!

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Do you have a friend running the SF marathon on Sunday? Is that friend making you feel lazy and question your current life philosophy of Playstation and Pawn Stars? Well screw them you should go fly a kite…literally. This weekend Highline Kites of Berkeley is sponsoring the 26th annual Berkeley Kite Festival and Championship at Cesar Chavez field in the Berkeley Marina.

While your jerk friend is off running farther than any sane human being should, you can come home with a kite championship. Thousands of people will compete in the SF marathon, but realistically how many will win kite championships? Ok so you’re probably not going to win a kite title belt, but you will get to see over 20,000 sq. ft of creature kites from New Zealand, a Japanese sky kite battle and the world’s largest octopus kite. Highline Kites could probably charge upwards of a million dollars for such treats but these good folks are going to let you enjoy all of this wonder for FREE, parking is $10 but I know you guys are all cool and ride bikes anyways.

So this weekend put down the controller, leave the leftovers in the fridge and head out to Berkeley and go fly a kite. You can catch the full breakdown of participants and events HERE.

26th Annual Berkeley Kite Festival & West Coast Kite Championships July 30th & 31st, 10 am – 5 pm [FREE] Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina

Photo Courtesy of Highline Kites

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