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This site is dedicated to broke-asses. Yes, broke-asses. This is strictly not to be confused with cheap-asses. The word and conditions may be similar, but when carefully dissected, distinctions between the two become quite clear.

Let’s take a look…

1. Broke-asses: They may often find themselves with an empty/thin wallet, but they’re respectful enough to leave a decent tip for their server/bartenders/baristas, etc. They understand that those serving them are most likely broke-asses themselves and realize they gotta help a brotha out for all their hardwork.

Cheap-asses: They, too, find themselves with an empty/thin wallet, but don’t give a fuck about who is serving them or how hard they are working. They tip minimally to none at all, most likely ordering only happy hour items and/or complaining about everything and anything just to get a FREE meal! God-damn you, cheap-ass!

2. Broke-ass: They understand the value of money and work hard to save up for whatever they want/need. They have no shame in shopping from the clearance racks, during major sales, and clipping coupons.

Cheap-ass: They think they realize the value of money, but clearly have no respect for it. Stealing or “borrowing” things from stores/others is not uncommon. If I can get away with it, then screw it!

3. Broke-ass: If they don’t feel like saving to buy the hottest new outfit, they get crafty!! They are no strangers to thrift stores or Goodwill outlets, refurbishing the old into something new and one-of-a-kind!

Cheap-ass: Get crafty?! That’s too much work…. I’d rather just get something polyester at Wal-Mart.

4. Broke-ass: Comes up with a creative activity to impress his hot date.

Cheap-ass: Thinks the dollar menu is an acceptable dinner date. Did I mention he makes his date split the bill with him? Ouch..

5. Broke-ass: Michael Jackson, Willie Nelson, and Michael Vick: All of these celebs are or have been on our broke-ass list, but have contributed something substantial enough to stay off our cheap-ass list.

Cheap-ass: Dustin Diamond, Gary Coleman, and Charlie Sheen: These celebs made our cheap-ass list, because they’re all penniless douche-bags that need to disappear already. Winning!? Not quite…


Photo Courtesy of LA-ist.

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Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse is a journalist and graphic designer, obsessed with her beloved pet hedgehog, Lisa Pickles. Seriously, she can talk about that prickly little princess for days! Paulette enjoys fashion, music, and art (cool points are gained if DIY). Although she tells outsiders that she lives in San Francisco, Paulette actually lives in nearby Pacifica because she can't afford to be that cool. The truth is she hates money and believes that it is source of many major problems in the world. But since society has made money so damn important for adequate survival, she slaves away at a lame local corporate restaurant, receiving crappy tips from people even cheaper than she is. (damn!) But above all, Paulette believes in giving exact change– it's a way of life!