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Gordo Taqueria – Delightfully Satisfying Mexican Fare

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Gordo’s has a smattering of locations sprinkled around the bay area but the one near and dear to my heart is right on Geary avenue. You see Gordo’s is conveniently located on my walk home from the gym, thus its flat brown sign strikes my eyeballs when I’m mentally weak and my hunger is strong. My initial flirtations with Gordo’s were out of convenience and necessity but our relationship is now so strong that I can nary go more than a fortnight without visiting and indulging in a super burrito.

When entering Gordo’s you are greeted with a comforting sense of simplicity. There is almost nothing in the restaurant aside from a mural and TV that doesn’t contribute to the primary main objective of getting large portions of Mexican food into the faces of the adoring masses. This barebones style allows the staff at Gordo’s to efficiently move people through the line all while doing so at end of the month single digit account balance prices.

I know that people will violently debate which burrito is the king of the city and I am in no way pretending that Gordo’s produces regal food, but the place produces a quality product quickly and at obscenely cheap prices and for that it is worth checking out if you find yourself in the Outer Richmond. Maybe add it to your itinerary before you assault your stomach with a scorpion bowl at Trad’r Sam’s.

Gordo Taqueria 5450 Geary Blvd
(between 18th Ave & 19th Ave)
San Francisco, CA
[Outer Richmond]  
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Photo Courtesy of Yelper Jeremy A.

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Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

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