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BBQ + the blues + FREE, you say?!?

Updated: Aug 22, 2011 13:22
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I know how youse kids like 'em extra sloppy...

This Sunday, you can pretend you’re down home in Mississippi again — barefoot in the sunshine by the river, barbeque sauce all over yer smilin’ face, strummin’ a gee-tar an’ tappin’ yer toe. Wait, what’s that? You’re from Connecticut, and you don’t know how to play, or eat? That’s alright! You can still come to this party, because it’s FREE! and doesn’t exclude people who are as yet unfamiliar with river- and/or barbeque-centric activities.

It’s the annual Blues BBQ Festival at Hudson River Park, happening Sunday from 2-9, rain or shine! There will be blues bands from across the country for your entertainment — you can see the lineup here — and a variety of Terribly Important local barbeque restaurants will be fueling your baked-bean-eatin’, pulled-pork-lovin’ fire (Brother Jimmy’s, Daisy Dukes, Dinosaur Bar B Que and Ember Room, to be more specific). The sweet delicious music, food and beer will flow like the mighty Mississippi. Except it’s the Hudson, so it’d be like if you were on the Mississippi and you could see New Jersey across the way. But still, the flowing thing.

What could possibly beat a summer’s day at the river with friends, saucy pork, and the blues? I’m getting out my picnic blanket as we speak and looking forward to a good ol’ fashioned Southern-style party followed by a nap in the grass, just like Robert Johnson would’ve had, I reckon. See y’all there!

Blues BBQ Festival
FREE! Rain or shine!
Sunday, Aug. 21, 2-9pm
Pier 54 at W. 14th St.

[West Village]


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Taylor McClure - Nomadic Ne'er-Do-Well

Taylor McClure - Nomadic Ne'er-Do-Well

The Virginia-born and bred Taylor McClure is a connoisseur of many things – cheese, music trivia, and communicating with cats, to name a few. She graduated cum laude in 2007, receiving a B.A. in English from a respected art school, and is well-versed in taking weird, often debasing and irrelevant jobs in order to fuel her writing and sustain her freelance lifestyle/addiction to champagne. A testament to the adaptability (read: indecision) of the human animal, she has "lived" in a different "home" every 3-12 months for several years – most recently Charlottesville, VA. Taylor has boldly re-landed in New York for what could conceivably be a while.