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Broke-Ass Fun: Drinking Games

Updated: Aug 22, 2011 14:27
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The other night I was hanging out with my 21-year-old intern that seriously brought me back to the good old days – when what you drank didn’t matter, it was the quantity that counts. The type of night when two people can devour an 18-pack of Tecate in a couple of hours, pass out in all of your clothes and wake up wonder why there are playing cards literally everywhere. Let’s not go into more detail about that , but do let me please tell you some personal tricks for the cheapest, fastest ways to get drunk whilst playing card games.

Fellow writer Laura S. pretty much summed it up well when she said, “Most us grow out of playing drinking games after it’s no longer socially acceptable to play beer pong past the age of 21. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some classic board games after a round or two of cocktail.” I believe that the same goes for card games. Most of them are even easier than board games and a deck of cards is even cheaper to come by. Here are a few great games to get you started.

On the Dot

Ok, I am really proud of this game. I think by writing about it right now, I pretty much just bought the patent. Seriously, it is amazing to think that my brain functioned so well after nine beers, but I have to admit that this game is really fun … not to mention a no brainer. Or did you already get that?

Lay out 12 cards in the shape of the clock. Put one card in each spot where the hours fall.

Starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise- flip over each card.

If the card is higher than the time it should be on the clock…Drink.

If it is lower, you’re good.

If it happens to be the time it should be, everybody else drinks. That’s when you scream, “On the dot!”

Cross the Bridge

This one gives a shout out to my intern Gavin. Or, as I like to call him – the Gavinger. Here is his explanation of his game:

“Ok. So we’re all like walking in the woods and we’re having a great old time. Then suddenly we walk come across this huge fucking cliff. And there’s a bridge. So we cross this janky bridge. We finally make it. But then, we’re like, “Oh my God….we forgot the beers on the other side of the bridge.” Disaster. But we have to go back and get them.” That’s how the game begins.

Line up 10 cards (like the planks on a bridge)

Flip over card-by-card. If it is a number card, you’re cool. If it is a face card, you’re screwed….Basically, it goes like this:

Jack = one drink

Queen = deuces

King = three dranks

Ace = pound four drinks

And each time you get a face card, you have to re-supply (the number of drinks you took) in the cards you refill the bridge with.

If you get across without having any face cards block you, you are good to go!

But wait, then you have to go back and pick up the limes, or the beer opener or whatever stupid excuse you have to drink more and keep playing.

Drunken Crazy Eights

Just play Crazy Eights like you know how to. But every time you switch suits….drink!

Every time you have to draw….drink!

So, these rules pretty much happen at every play, so this game is sure to push you over the edge.

If you are still standing after these three amazing ways to lose your mind, make up your own damn game!

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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