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Omelettes, Burgers, and Street Cred at Jimbo’s

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Scene: You’re hungover in Harlem. You’re in the mood for breakfast – since breakfast is ALWAYS the first meal of the day, even at 5pm – while you’re dining partner is set on getting a burger. What do you do?

A. Stand on a corner arguing until you faint from hunger?

B. Angrily go your separate ways?

C. Go to Jimbo’s and have your dreams come true.

I suggest C. Jimbo’s may look unremarkable on the outside, but it’s a Harlem staple for a reason – that reason being that you can get a ton of food on the cheap however you want it. Open from 6AM-8PM (7AM-7PM on Sundays), Jimbo’s gives you what you want at any time of day. Breakfast is served at all times – egg sandwiches cost as little as $2 and omelettes with a side (go for the grits!) and toast are $6 or less. You can also go for the lunch fare, try the juicy burger with fries or onion rings for $5. Jimbo’s also serves wraps, clubs, salads and some spoon-worthy milkshakes.

If you don’t want to leave your apartment, then you’re in luck because the delivery minimum is only $6, saving you from the broke-ass dilemma of ordering more food than you need just for the luxury of having it arrive at your door. On top of it all, you’ll be increasing your street cred, since Cam’ron loved Jimbo’s so much that he rapped about it on a Kanye song

Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace
1345 Amsterdam Avenue
Between 125th St. and 126th St.



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Tiara Francis - NY Know-it-all

Tiara Francis - NY Know-it-all

Tiara was born in NYC, raised in NJ, and after studying Comp Lit at Columbia, vowed to never go back to the suburbs. While she has expensive taste, she also has shallow pockets and is always looking for a budget way to be a weekend warrior. Her hobbies include laughing way too loudly, putting hot sauce on/in everything - including margaritas - speaking French at inappropriate moments, and dancing like there’s no one else in da club.