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A Remaining Two Weeks to Get Your Kicks at Moonshine

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I’ve had so many good memories at this bar throughout the years, and even though I knew the place was looking to sell I never thought it would actually happen. So you can imagine my surprise last Wednesday night when I strolled into Moonshine after seeing the FREE Roots ‘n’ Ruckus show at Jalopy Theatre and was told by the barkeep, Becca, that there were only two more weeks left of this legendary establishment.

What kind of bar is Moonshine? Well, other than the old Italian men and other Red Hook regulars, Moonshine has been a hub for the folkies and old timey kids who pass through the city, due to the fact that the jalopy theatre is next door. This is the kind of place where spontaneous violins and guitars in the backyard can lead to a hootenanny and jam session of music as modern and classic as America itself, a laidback dive where almost anything goes, and a place where a guy can pop in for a quickie, sit in a dark corner and avoid conversation, or socialize with people as interesting and strange as they come.

On Wednesday the 14th, Roots ‘N’ Ruckus will have their regular show at Jalopy followed by a farewell party next door at Moonshine, and if you want to get an idea of what has been going on there for the past years I suggest you show up for this. So many places with this kind of spirit seem to be vanishing in the city, so it’s always worth it to get a glimpse of what spots are left that’ve shined a radically different light on NYC. Beers are $5-$6, well drinks are $6, and call drinks $6-$9. Becca will be working, so act legit and tip well. I’m sure she’ll make it worth your while.

317 Columbia St.
Between Woodhull St. and Hamilton Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11231 [Red Hook]

Jalopy Theatre
315 Columbia St.
Between Woodhull St. and Hamilton Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11231 [Red Hook]

Image from QXZ’S Photostream

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Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

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