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Ireland’s 32 is Just Plain Awesome

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People come to Ireland’s 32 to get drunk.  Period.  I’m not talking a little stumble and a brick-scraped elbow on the way home drunk.  I’m talking blackout, after hours bacon-wrapped hot dog stained shirt, pass out on top of your bed fully clothed, worst hangover headache in a while drunk.  This bar is awesome.

There is plenty more that gives this place two thumbs up.  First and foremost, it’s broke ass friendly.  Standard broke ass beers like PBR are only a couple of bucks.  By the way, happy hour is all day on Mondays and 4:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. all other days.  Their food menu is great as well.  The most expensive menu item is their Irish Breakfast which is an insane amount of food for only ten bills.

Ireland’s 32 is perfect for just about everything else your little heart desires.  They have huge TV’s on which a variety of sports games are usually being played.  Most nights you will also find a DJ or band performing everything from 90’s rock covers to blues to traditional Irish tunes on their stage just opposite the bar.  These shows are always FREE, by the way.

What more can I say?  The staff is damn fine and the place is usually less than crowded with the exception of weekends.  Check it out.

Ireland’s 32
3920 Geary Blvd (at 3rd Ave.)
[Inner Richmond]
Photo courtesy of Ireland’s 32

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Chris F. - That Guy

Chris F. - That Guy

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