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“Thin light” Art Exhibition Opening at LMAKprojects (Bonus: FREE Booze and Beautiful People)

Updated: Sep 05, 2011 21:15
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Every now and again, one feels the need to step away from the Pretty Little Liars marathon they’ve been watching on Hulu, put on some clothes that aren’t a bathrobe, and do something enriching for their minds and bodies.  Well, this Wednesday, September 7th would be an excellent time to get yourself together– artist Jeff Grant’s exhibition, Thin light, will be opening at LMAKprojects gallery in the Lower East Side.  Attempt to undo the brain damage caused by excessive viewing of C-list television shows by putting on your best “art world” ensemble and viewing cool conceptual art.  Oh, did I mention that free booze and an abundance of intellectual hotties are usually at these things?  Hello, awesomeness.

But, I mean, of course you aren’t going just for the scene.  Then you would be a poser, and posers aren’t cute.  You’re going for the art, dammit– art that questions preconceived notions and makes you use the parts of your brain that aren’t reserved for useless gossip.  Grant’s art in particular does just this–he uses sculpture, installation, drawings, and video (he’s a man of many talents!) to question materiality of form, whether it be sound, light or solid matter.  I’m pretty sure that the technical term for this is “synesthesia,” but I like to think of it as what tie dye-wearing, LSD-damaged, ex-hippies in Berkeley talk like (i.e. “I could just feel how red that apple I ate today was, man…”).  Anyway, I’ve probably totally confused you by now with my Dead Head/art historical talk, so just read the gallery’s statement HERE.

Expand your mind, not your waistline–put down that bag of chips, turn off the computer, and go see some art this Wednesday.  Red wine, brainy conversations, and cool things to look at are so much better than greasy self-loathing.

Thin light Exhibition Opening
Wednesday, September 7th, 6-9pm
LMAKprojects Gallery (139 Eldridge Street, NYC)
[Lower East Side]

Photo credit: LMAKprojects website

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