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Free Jazz Concert in Golden Gate Park Sunday October 2nd

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So let’s say you aren’t a huge fan of Bluegrass, or peeing in the wood… or being offered pharmaceuticals you didn’t know existed, but you do want to check out a free concert in Golden Gate Park this weekend.  You my friend are in luck as the Golden Gate Park Band will be performing a selection of Jazz and Swing standards at the Spreckels Temple of Music in Golden Gate Park. 

I know that the Spreckels Temple of Music sounds super fancy and stodgy, but don’t be dismayed it is actually that cool looking dome you see between the De Young and the Academy of Sciences.  In fact The Golden Gate Park Band has been playing concerts under that very dome for more than 100 years.  So make your way out to the upper half of Golden Gate Park this Sunday and enjoy a fantastic San Francisco tradition while avoiding hula hoop dancers.

“All that Jazz” presented by The Golden Gate Park Band
Sunday October 2nd, 1pm
Spreckels Temple of Music, Music Concourse
[Golden Gate Park]

Photo Credit: Golden Gate Park Band

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