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It’ll be a sandBLAST at Ocean Beach

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I get a really warm, safe feeling when I look at the ocean. It’s something inside me, I’ve always felt, that drew me to the ocean. My family and I would always randomly take day trips to the ocean; the low-tides that allowed you to see all the cool critters were especially fascinating to me. Now while visits to the ocean has definitely always been my thang, I don’t really remember much sandcastle building. I’d maybe attempt the occasional upside-down bucket-made tower that usually ended in a royal disaster, sand tumbling down and often ending up in places that it definitely shouldn’t (if you know what I mean- and I know you do!). So since I was more of a dig a huge-ass hole-type of girl, I was never really good at making luxurious estates for all the crabs and other washed-up creatures. Because of this, I give mad props to those who CAN and to the participants of Leap’s upcoming 28th Annual Sandcastle Contest.

This Saturday, October 8, from 10a.m. to 4 p.m., Ocean Beach will suddenly become a wonderful residential community for all our favorite sea creatures. No, not exactly- but you know that with this year’s theme as “SANDBLAST,” you’re gunna see some cool shit, for sure. Not only will there be an array of elaborate residences, there will also be awesome monsters, and re-creations of famous monuments from around the world, in approximately twenty-five 400-square-foot plots.

Sandcastle builders of all ages will join volunteers and one of Leap’s teaching architects to attempt building a giant rocket ship. Participants are encouraged to donate $5 – $10 to ensure the contest’s continued success. The “Imagination Station” is also available to kids of all ages for other art activities inspired by sandcastles and to participate in an interactive dance lesson led by a Leap Teaching Artist (2:15-3 pm).

Leap holds this contest as a major fundraising event every year. It is held open to the public FREE of charge, and is a collaboration with many supportive locals of the construction industry (architects, engineers, contractors, etc.). The local non-profit was formed in response to harsh cuts in California arts education funding following the passage of Proposition 13 in 1979. Today, arts education in public schools is in an even more crucial state. All the funds raised from the Sandcastle Contest will help Leap continue to keep the arts alive in Bay Area schools.

Now, let the sandcastle-building begin!

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Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

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