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A Dollar More for Dignity: Post Office

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Within a week of moving to New York, I was dead-broke (I had a little credit but not much).  My new friendly coworkers wanted to go out drinking, so I cunningly persuaded them to trek all the way to Brooklyn to my new favorite bar, The Levee.  Upon entering they all gave me an equally curious look of, “what’s that smell?”  I shut them up by pulling out the ole’ trusty Visa and buying the first round of $4 beer-shot combos.

Don’t get me wrong:  I love The Levee.  But being a broke-ass doesn’t mean that you have to always smell like last-night’s Black Label.    I think you’ll be surprised at what you can afford at some of these “swanky” bars.

Post Office is an American whiskey bar, tucked under the BQE in Williamsburg.  Named after Bukowski’s novel (hanging over the bar is a portrait of Bukowski that the owner’s dad took), Post Office is a dark and cozy old-style saloon.  The walls are covered in dark wood planks that are haphazardly adorned with American flags.  The wall opposite the bar is mostly windows, with the perfect amount of eagle wallpaper.  America!

Flip past the page of $10 cocktails (I’m sure they’re delicious, but…) and ogle at the array of affordable and delicious American-made whiskeys, bourbons and ryes.  The food menu is cheap(ish) too and available until 4am on Friday & Saturday, and 1am during the week (the kitchen is closed on Monday).

Here are some great options from the cheaper side of the menu:

Redemption Rye ($6)
Old Overholt ($5)
Rittenhouse ($6) – my personal favorite
Old Bardstown ($5)
Early Time Bourbon ($5)
Pulled Pork  ($7)
Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon ($7)
Chicken Liver w/ Bacon ($8)
Potato Salad ($4) – damn good

You can afford to be here.  Enjoy!

Post Office
188 Havemeyer (between 3rd and 4th st.)

Photo Credit: Shobun Baile
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