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Sports, Sandos and Beer at Tommy’s Joynt

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With its colorful facade we’ve all driven by Tommy’s a million times and thought, “Man, I should really go there sometime.”  Well good people I have gone to Tommy’s and return with outstanding news.  The place is awesome, the food sticks to your ribs and the beers are cheap.  With plenty of room to sit down and stretch out a bit Tommy’s was the perfect place for me to nurse my fleet-week induced tequila hangover.

Tommy’s is often compared to Lefty O’Douls and those comparisons are apt.  The setup is similair in that the food line is seperate from the bar and that you have to get up and snag your own food.  Having the food and booze checks seperate is so Broke-Ass friendly I wish all restaurants would adopt it.  We’ve all been stuck splitting up a check at the end of the night where you get a cup of soup that you plan on paying for with your coinstar winnings and someone gets a ribeye and expects to divide up the check evenly.  No need for awkwardly busting out your phone calculator at the end of the night since Tommy’s allows you to pay as you go.

I snagged a turkey sandwich on sourdough with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy both of which complemented the dreary San Francisco Sunday and my hangover.  The portion was huge and cost me around eight bucks.  I may or may not have had a drink or three and celebrated my cheap drink bill by having another beer.  I’ll have to head back when more sober to check out some of the more obscure brews Tommy’s has on it’s more than extensive beer list.

Trust me it is in your best interest to stop in Tommy’s someday soon for a beer and a sando. Just make sure to bring cash since Tommy’s will not accept plastic.

Tommy’s Joynt
1101 Geary Blvd. @Van Ness
San Francisco, CA
[Pac Heights/Civic Center]

Photo Credit: Yelper Benjamin H

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Hugh Hunter - Economical Essayist

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