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Happy Hour and FREE Bites at the Watering Hole

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Happy Hour – those two words can make my face light up like a child who just got her first taste of Halloween candy. In other words, I’m a big fan, and thank goodness I live in a city where it’s always Happy Hour somewhere. Sometimes, though, I find myself sitting at a bar, on my 2nd $4 beer, pondering what could make things even better. Well, I got the answer when a friend invited me to meet her at the Watering Hole in Flatiron for its 3PM – 7PM Happy Hour.

What’s the answer you may be wondering, well, it’s FREE food of course! Nothing soaks up alcohol better and extends the party longer than gratis snacks, and Watering Hole offers them aplenty. When I visited, the FREE fare consisted of tasty fries and buffalo wings, a.k.a. the perfect starchy/fatty combination to prepare you for a long train ride home. The Watering Hole also has karaoke on Saturdays, which can be a fun, but crowded (yet, less expensive) alternative to the K-town “rent-a-room” places, but I prefer the earlier weekday hours at this bar. It’s a throw-back, dive-y scene, covered in Playbills and Tiffany’s chandeliers, so bring a friend or a book to chill out after a hectic NYC day.

The Watering Hole
106 E. 19th St. (between Park South & Irving Place)

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Tiara Francis - NY Know-it-all

Tiara Francis - NY Know-it-all

Tiara was born in NYC, raised in NJ, and after studying Comp Lit at Columbia, vowed to never go back to the suburbs. While she has expensive taste, she also has shallow pockets and is always looking for a budget way to be a weekend warrior. Her hobbies include laughing way too loudly, putting hot sauce on/in everything - including margaritas - speaking French at inappropriate moments, and dancing like there’s no one else in da club.