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L.A. Fashion Week Haiku

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L.A. Fashion Week

Are you fucking kidding me?

High heels nylons.


Runway in a church

Sapporo, God, don’t judge me

Paparazzi fail.


Haute couture bullshit

Celebrities and candy

Occupy L.A.


Watch them go, so fast

That model is too skinny

Oops, did she just fall?!


Bulimia puke

Is that what we should look like?

Give her some pizza.


Angels in the night

Their fifteen minutes of fame

Clap, applaud, whistle.


Good think I snuck in

To see those expensive shoes

That I’ll never own.




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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi works for a non-profit cultural exchange organization helping others experience life from a different perspective. She likes magnetizing the obscure and scavenging the city for fun, free things to do. She is a world traveler, a freelance writer and a spontaneous chef. She is also said to be part-mermaid.