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FREE Haunted Halloween Carnival in Park Slope Saturday

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Just like O.D.B said about Wu-Tang’s music, Halloween is for the children. With that said, Haunted Halloween Carnival in Park Slope!!! So here go the details: The carnival will be taking place on Saturday, October 29th, 2011 from 11am-4pm. Admission to this cool event will be absolutely FREE and it is being held at the 1st Street Recreation Center of P.S 372 located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

There will be many activities for the kids to partake in during the afternoon, which along with the snacks will only cost parental units a dollar. It’ll cost you two dollars to enter the haunted house and three dollars to participate in a moon-walk. Aside from that there will also be live music and sing-a-longs with Amelia Robinson from The Micks. The New York Hall of Science will also be there to help you explore the “spooky side of science.” For our sake, let’s just hope this doesn’t involve re-introducing dinosaurs into the world.

If you decide to show up make sure you get there early because the first 200 kids will get a FREE Trick-or Treat bag filled with goodies. Also make sure you bring your costume with you for the costume contests that will be held during the carnival.

Have fun!!!

6th Annual Haunted Halloween Carnival
Saturday, October 29th, 2001 11am-4pm
Admission: Free, Games & Snacks: $1, Haunted House: $2, Moon-Walk: $3
512 Carroll Street
[Park Slope]

Photo Credit: puppetryartsnyc

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