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HULLS: The Art of Decay in San Francisco Bay

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Now this is something that is truly special: Today San Francisco’s very first female tugboat captain debuts a collection of photographs taken from the unique angle, aboard the tugboat’s deck; Jan Tiura’s HULLS closely examines working vessels from around the world. Tiura unique angle allows the inspiration to focus on the painterly qualities of the lines, shapes, and colors on the deck, seen from so close up.

If that’s not strange- yet interesting enough, these are custom-printed photographs; Tiura got together with artist Seth Dickerman to transform these low-resolution files into large exhibition prints, super high quality– thank you , technology! *wink+nudge

But no, seriously…when I found out about this event I didn’t think I’d become so intrigued or inspired. These images are seriously freakin rad. And although I understand that these are shots of a decaying tugboat, I can totally make out other scenarios/shapes within it. (Or am I being too creative? The image at the top– you see the snow-covered mountain…don’t you?)

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I think it’s pretty cool that they these images were brought to life combining both modern digital technology and traditional photographic printing techniques too, and can definitely appreciate someone capturing such beauty in something that is normally considered otherwise. Definite must-see!

Hulls: The Art of Decay in San Francisco Bay Artist: Jan Tiura Dickerman Prints Gallery 3180 17th Street @ South Van Ness Ave, San Francisco Nov 2 – Dec 11 10 a.m-6 p.m     Photos courtesy of
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