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Gotham City Invades New York City

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This past Saturday my friend and I wanted to head down to Occupy Wall Street when suddenly we stumbled upon a Gotham City Police squad car. If you don’t know, filming for The Dark Knight Rises is currently wrapping up in the Big Apple. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the making of the film (or work/live around Wall Street) then you may have had a chance to witness some cool cars, props from the movie and possibly a movie star or two. This is one of the great luxuries of living the broke-ass lifestyle in New York. You can protest against the greedy corporations all the while watching Batman kick ass. Where else can you do this at?

While my friend and I were taking pictures, one of the security guards snuck up on us for getting too close to one of the vehicles from the movie. He let us continue taking pictures and we had a small chat, asked some questions about the production. Then he mentioned that he had the keys to all the Gotham police cars and cabs. For the $10 a pop he would actually let fans of the movie sit inside and take pictures. (Not a bad hustle.)

Unfortunately for me I was hours late and didn’t get to witness the riot scene planned for the movie which might have included a fight between Batman and the film’s main antagonist, Bane. But this doesn’t mean that you need to miss anything. Filming is set to continue on Wall Street and parts of New Jersey until November 14th. If you don’t get to see Christian Bale or Anne Hathaway at least head down to catch a glimpse of the Bat-mobile.

Let me make myself clear; the fucking Bat-mobile is in New York City!!!

Photo Credit: Me

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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