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Meet DMC @ My Adidas NYC Launch Today

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My Adidas
walk through concert doors
and roam all over coliseum floors
I stepped on stage, at Live Aid
All the people gave an applause that paidMy Adidas by Run-DMC”

Remember back when Rev. Run wasn’t on Twitter giving out advice about life? You know, back when he was throwing back 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor and in that rap group Run-DMC.  You might know of their legacy but were probably too young or weren’t around at all to witness the impact that they’ve had in pop culture. From the Kangol hats to the rope chains and leather jackets, these guys set trends. The most iconic trend they’ve been responsible for are the Adidas track suits and sneakers.

In honor of this feat Adidas has created a customized version of their Adidas Superstar sneaker popularized by Run-DMC. Today, November 11th 2011, DMC will make an appearance at Dr. Jay’s at 11am and Adidas Original’s at 5pm to celebrate the release of the limited pair of sneakers. (Only 1,986 pairs will be available.)

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If you purchase the pair of sneakers you might get a chance to take a picture with DMC, if not then you can see an old school rap legend in person while you vibe to the tunes provided by DJ Mick Boogie.

Meet DMC at Dr. Jays
November 11th, 2011 @ 11am
at Dr. Jay’s
256 125th Street (between 7th Ave and Frederick Douglas Boulevard)


Meet DMC at Adidas Originals
November 11th, 2011 @ 5pm
Adidas Originals
136 Wooster Street (at Prince)

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