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Dempsey’s Drunken Smartass Olympics

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You had me at “Drunken.”

Dempsey’s in the East Village is known for their Wednesday pub trivia night… and the title just makes me happy.

The Drunken Smart Ass Olympics prides itself on the diverse topic range of the questions and since you can have 5 in your team, I suggest rounding up experts in various categories – from science to pop culture and everything in between. There is no cover which means it’s FREE to play but you’ll want to take advantage of the generous drink specials while you’re there. And I highly recommend the sweet potato fries.

Cheap, delicious… and you might just learn something.

The Drunken Smart Ass Olympics at Dempsey’s
Wednesdays, 7pm
FREE (no cover to play and there are great drink specials)
61 2nd Avenue (between 3rd & 4th Streets)
[East Village] 

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Quincey Trigillo - Judicious Journalist

Quincey Trigillo - Judicious Journalist

A recent transplant from Orange County, California, Quincey is in the big city with an Empire State Building-sized craving for culture... and learning that "free" part of freelance. Having been a high school English teacher for the last few years, she sadly knows the penny pinching lifestyle all too well. She's got a freakishly adorable dachshund named Walter Matthau and she really enjoys taking a bite out of this Big Apple everyone keeps talking about. Quincey may look straight outta the 'burbs, but.. well, yeah, she's straight outta the 'burbs.