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Mythbusters: LIVE!

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My boyfriend loves this show because it’s totally manly- you know, the mechanics, technology, and the dirty-fingernail-grime that comes with it. The nerd in me loves the science and trial and error, while the fashionista in me is obsessed with Jamie Hyneman‘s iconic beret, or his partner-in-crime’s hipster thick-rimmed glasses. And, well, being the la-la-land weirdo that I am, I just can’t get over the fact that I totally believe Hyneman was a walrus in a past life! (haha, no seriously, look at him!!)

Anyways, if you have ever seen Mythbusters, you know that it is an awesome show where Hyneman is joined by Adam Savage, along with a team of really great science and technology experts, to understand and either prove or debunk all sorts of Internet rumors, popular beliefs, and other myths.

The show takes place in San Francisco and will soon be presenting itself on a live stage, where a series of experiments and audience participation. While this should be great fun (who doesn’t love a little explosion every now and then?), it’s not a necessarily broke-ass-friendly show. womp-womp! Sorry friends, tickets run from $45 to $160…but, this is something that will definitely make for an interesting evening!

Mythbusters: Behind the Myths Tour Sunday, January 8 @ 7p.m. Golden Gate Theater Tickets: $45-$160   Photo Courtesy of the Discovery Channel
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