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Robyn O’Neil’s “HELL” – FREE Exhibit

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So tomorrow is Thanksgiving and if you’re feeling all festive, you can rustle up some loved ones and head down to Macy’s to watch the giant parade balloons inflate like your waistline after that third helping of stuffing (it is FREE, incidentally). Or if you are like many folks, you are dreading any together time with the family. Nagging parents, competitive cousins, inappropriate in-laws, belligerent uncles – they sure know how to put the “FUNCTIONing alcoholic” in dysFUNCTIONal. If the thought of spending the weekend with your family is pure hell, head down to the Susan Inglett Gallery for the final day of Robyn O’Neil’s exhibit, “HELL”. (Get it?)

O’Neil’s graphite (fancy word for pencil) drawing exhibit depicts the notions of hell and purgatory. Highlighting the exhibit is a 14 foot long triptych (fancy word for 3 panelled work) featuring over 35,000 collage elements and 65,000 figures. I’m certainly no art critic, but the images in O’Neil’s drawings are pretty bleak. Her style tends to blend hopefulness with despair (sort of like the holidays, right?) and this is the case with “HELL”.

So go check it out, marvel in her talent and head home. After spending some time immersed in the images of hell, maybe your mother-in-law’s passive-aggressive bullshit won’t seem so bad.

Robyn O’Neil “HELL”
Susan Inglett Gallery
522 W. 24th Street
Wednesday, 10am-6pm 

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Quincey Trigillo - Judicious Journalist

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