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Pingers and Pongers Unite: Berlin-Style Ping Pong

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Berlin-style ping-pong is blowing up. Not only has it been the subject of a great essay by the Bold Italic, it’s been explained, over and over again, by Youtube videos  and holds a devout group of paddling proponents throughout the city.

If you didn’t read the essay or just watch the video, the game is a real hootenanny, a seeming free-for-all actually guided by strict rules that slowly narrow down the large number of players to a final two. As players drunkenly mess up and get weeded out, the true champions emerge: athletes who can take a swig of PBR while delivering a nasty backhand mid-leap.

And this weekend, the one of bloated and expanded waistlines and tryptophan-induced bleariness, holds a challenge for any and all interested parties. American Tripps, San Francisco’s premier Berlin-style ping-pong experience, leaves the Mission. Granted, it’s only by a few blocks, but budding pingers and seasoned pongers alike can expect a blowout. Breezy Nix DJs the five-hour event.

American Tripps Berlin-Style Ping-Pong
Saturday, November 26
9 p.m.-2 a.m.

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Lucy Schiller - Destitute Dispatcher

Lucy Schiller - Destitute Dispatcher

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