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Check Out Mexico’s Artistic Talent at “No Sombrero” Exhibition

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Fact: Mexico is much more than sombreros and margaritas.  Another fact: the country is chock full o’ some ridiculously awesome young artists.  These two statements are the subject of a new exhibition– appropriately titled, No Sombrero— opening TONIGHT at The Poetry Club in Bed-Stuy.

No Sombrero is a traveling exhibition of work by 70 Mexican artists, designers, and illustrators.  The show seeks to display art that departs from cliche themes of Mexican folklore– you know, all of the ponchos, burros, and tacos that gringos like to play up on Cinco de Mayo, or basically anytime that they eat at a Mexican restaurant.  Instead, the art in No Sombrero embraces innovative ideas and techniques without abandoning it’s “Mexican-ness”– it’s a celebration of the diversity of contemporary Mexican culture!

So head on over to Bed-Stuy and see some cool art, from a cool country that you might not know that much about (beyond the Cinco de Mayo sombreros and maragritas, that is).  The opening is FREE, and for more information you can click HERE.

No Sombrero Opening Reception
Tuesday, November 29th, 6pm
The Poetry Club Art Space (317 Putnam Ave.)
Photo credit: The Poetry Club
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Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

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