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Peter Woytuk on Broadway Art Exhibit for FREE

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If you’ve happened to be around the Upper West Side, Harlem or Washington Heights in the past month or so, you may have come across some obscurely placed animal sculptures on Broadway. Presented to you by the Broadway Mall Association and the Morrison Gallery of Connecticut, is Peter Woytuk on Broadway.

On October 21st, 2011 there were 18 of Peter Woytuk’s sculptures placed on the malls of Broadway. From Columbus Circle to 168th street, you can find Woytuk’s art decorating Upper Manhattan.

For those of you curious enough to go on a hunt for each piece of art you have the option of  going to his website for an in-depth description of each sculpture, their meaning and what type of material was used to make them. But if you’re like me and just happen to stumble upon the big blue Kiwi on 72nd & Broadway, then you have the option of going on a spontaneous audio tour (which is provided in both English & Spanish courtesy of Con Edison) that gives you an  interpretation for each piece from Peter Woytuk himself.

For more information on Peter Woytuk and his current exhibition on Broadway you may visit his site.

Peter Woytuk on Broadway
October 2011-April 2012
Columbus Circle &Broadway-168th Street & Broadway
[Upper West Side-Washington Heights]

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