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Laundry Locker: Affordable, Green Laundry Service

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Sometimes people invent the most amazing things. And then you always wonder, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?” Laundry Locker is an environmentally friendly dry cleaning and laundry service that is one of those great concepts somebody thought up before you did. Arik Levy came up with the idea based on his frustration with dry cleaners that had inconvenient hours. In 2005, he started Laundry Locker and set up lockers for people to drop-off their dirty clothes at any time of the day or night.

Here is how it works. People leave laundry in lockers the company sets up in kiosks, apartment complexes, office buildings and retail stores around San Francisco. After dropping off clothes to be cleaned, customers send a text message or an online order to let Laundry Locker know there clothes are ready to be picked up. Once the items are cleaned and returned to the locker, the client is notified by text or email. Their clean clothes are neatly waiting for their owner inside the locker. They can be picked up at any time!

Laundry Locker is so hip that it caters to all types of clientele across San Francisco and also in the East Bay. They use green detergents so not to contribute to excess pollution. You can even specify online which types of products you want used on your clothing and how exactly you want your things to be washed. There is even an option that you can upload photos to show exactly where that one stain is on your blouse. Laundry Locker is essentially a genius idea. Aren’t you mad now that you didn’t come up with it? Get over it, and just use it.

Register for your own Laundry Locker account at:

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