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Vagabond Indie Craft Fair

Updated: Dec 12, 2011 09:59
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There’s no dearth in San Francisco of bicycle part jewelry, crocheted caps, or fingerless gloves that look somehow like pandas. While I personally own two of those three items, I recognize that they’re only a tiny and too-cutesy subsection of what’s actually a huge and worthwhile movement in San Francisco and beyond, that being DIY.

One of the many gems that comes to those living in San Francisco is getting to rake through the massive displays, especially come wintertime, of homemade stuff. Our fellow citydwellers are some talented people. The number of earrings I’ve bought out of awe rather than taste, necessarily, is unconscionable, but the number of actually helpful, provocative, and inspiring crafts I’ve seen since starting my forays through the DIY scene is even larger.

Urban Bazaar, a relative newcomer to the Inner Sunset, emphasizes local DIY goods as much as it does global handicrafts. To top it off, they have maybe the only self-proclaimed “succulent bar” on the planet. They’re mostly getting known, though, for their regular and vigorously organized craft fairs, including the Vagabond Indie Craft Fair this Saturday, December 10 from 12:30 to 6 p.m. Seeing as it’s cohosted by Etsy, this thing is the real deal, with hot drinks as well as the locally-based artists and their carefully-wrought wares.

Vagabond Indie Craft Fair
Saturday, December 10
12:30-6 p.m.
Urban Bazaar
1371 9th Avenue
[Inner Sunset]

Photo courtesy Urban Bazaar

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Lucy Schiller - Destitute Dispatcher

Lucy Schiller - Destitute Dispatcher

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