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Levy’s Presents: A Vintage Tea and Swing Dancing Party for FREE

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Picture an afternoon filled with swing dancing, tea, finger sandwiches and jazz music on vintage New York City subway trains. This Saturday, December 17th, Levy’s Unique New York will make this offbeat combination a reality.

Beginning at 12pm, folks will gather at the F line’s 2nd Avenue Station on the uptown side. At approximately 12:30pm the subway cars will open to be filled with “dandies and debutantes.” According to Levy’s the train will take off three minutes before 1pm. The dancing and mingling will go on as the train is moving and the jazz music is booming.

The train will make a U-turn to be back in time for a vintage tea party at 2pm. There will be tea and cookies for you tea partiers. It’s encouraged that you dress nicely to go along with the theme and you’ll be happy to know that the train will not leave until 2:27pm. Again, the train will head uptown and won’t come back to the East Village until 4pm. That’s when the afternoon of dancing and tea drinking will be over.

For more info you may email for the Tea Party and for the Dance Party.

Levy’s Presents: A Vintage Tea & Swing Dancing Party
Saturday, December 17th, 12pm-4pm
2nd Avenue Subway Station, F Train, Uptown Track
[East Village]

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