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FREE Indoor Park at Soho’s “Park Here”

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When winter comes along, all I want to do is cozy up under my covers and wish spring was here already. Park Here, OpenHouse Gallery’s free indoor park, makes that wish come true way sooner. With climate control, sounds of birds chirping and WiFi, it’s the perfect place to escape the cold for a bit. Don’t worry about blankets either; Fatboy USA provides ample cushion for your tushy with their array of bean bags. Rolling Stone also provides some reading material with magazines scattered about. And food vendors rotate through so you’ll never get bored with your options.

Park Here is super kid friend as well with Mommy Mornings, specific family friendly events happening daily from 8:30am-12pm before the park opens to the general public. Follow them on twitter (@openhousenyc) for information on free events, free food, and free wine!

Park Here @ OpenHouse Gallery
201 Mulberry Street
Dec. 5th – February 15th

Open daily 12pm-8pm
Mommy Mornings 8:30am-12pm

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Steph Garcia - Freelance Frugal

Steph Garcia - Freelance Frugal

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