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Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: 5 Ways to Score a Cheaper Skin Care Service

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Let’s face it. Times are tough. Not a lot of people these days have the extra money to splurge on a facial or a bikini wax. You shouldn’t have to let a sucky economy get in the way of your professional beauty regimen. Lucky for you, there are five thrifty ways to keep yourself beautiful, salon-style, without having to blow your entire paycheck.

1. Book Your Appointment on a Wednesday or Thursday

Fridays and Saturdays are typically the busiest day of the week for a salon and spa. Clients are busy trying to get their skin/hair/nails ready in time for the weekend. This is also prime time for a majority of the population who work during the week. The weekend is the only time these people have a chance to get in the salon. If you have a flexible schedule, get off early in the day during the week or work in a service industry job that gives you week days off, try to book an appointment on a Wednesday or Thursday. These two days are usually their slowest days of the week. By booking your appointment on a slow day, you’re more than likely not to get rushed during your service, which leads to a more relaxing experience. Also, businesses are more than likely to offer a special or reduction in price for services on a slower day than they would during the weekend. Make sure to ask when booking your appointment.

2. Go to a Beauty School

Want a fifty percent discount on a facial or waxing service? Visit a local beauty school. Do a quick Google search to find a reputable school in your area. Aveda and Paul Mitchell have several accredited schools all over the United States in major cities. Why are skin care services at beauty schools so cheap? It’s the students, under the watchful eye of their certified instructors, who perform the services. You receive a professional quality treatment at half the price you would have paid in a professional spa or salon.

3. Offer to be a Model

It’s a long way to the top of the service menu, working as a newly licensed professional in a spa or salon. Estheticians (the people who perform facials, various skin treatments and waxing services) have to prove themselves and their skillset before being able to work on the floor on a busy day. Most professional spas and salons require their newbies to supply their own “models” whom they perform services from the menu on in front of their bosses. Once their boss deems them competent of performing the service, the newbie is then allowed to work busier days on the floor. Models typically receive the given service for free or at a fraction of the cost. Being a model for a newly licensed esthetician works twofold: not only do you score a professional skin care service on the cheap, but you also score a place in the newbie’s heart for their professional life. If you become a regular client of that newbie, you’re more than likely to score special pricing for services later on down the road. Interested in being a model? Contact your favorite spa or salon and see if any of their newly licensed estheticians are looking for models.

4. Buy a Groupon

Groupons have to be purchased online in advance and have an expiration date, but you typically receive over a 50% discount on the specific service. This is a great way to try out a new spa or salon that you might not have normally checked out if you had to pay full price. When redeeming a Groupon, please be sure to read the fine print. More than likely you will have to make an appointment. There could be restrictions on the time and day the specific service for the deal can be performed. Even though you’re getting a significant discount on the service, respect the person performing the service. Show up on time for your appointment and tip on the actual amount of the service, not the Groupon price. If you really enjoyed your service, help the business out by posting a positive review on Yelp. Keep in mind that most spas and salons that use Groupon are small businesses looking to expand their clientele so hook them up.

5. “Like” Them On Facebook

Do you have a favorite fancy spa or salon that you’d like to get a service from, but just can’t swing their full price menu? A lot of businesses are taking advantage of the social media craze by reaching out to their existing and potential clientele through Facebook and Twitter. When you “Like” your favorite spa or salon on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, you become privy to advance notification of any special discounts, treatments or services being offered. Don’t be afraid to inquire with the spa or salon to see if they have a client referral program. Some businesses reward their clients with hefty discounts off of services when they bring their friends in. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Kathleen Neves - Beauty Babe on a Budget

Kathleen Neves - Beauty Babe on a Budget

Licensed esthetician by day and product junkie and writer by night. I love reading, writing and researching beauty and makeup topics such as education, new makeup/skin care product launches, product reviews, beauty advice, product ingredients, special/local beauty events, as well as documenting my own professional experience as an esthetician. Living in San Francisco is expensive so I am always on the hunt for cost effective beauty bargains.