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Broke-Ass Super Bowl Party Ideas

Updated: Feb 06, 2012 14:28
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It’s that time of year again. Super Bowl time, that is. And you know what that means – it’s party time. I mean, I don’t even like football (well, not the American version at least) but hey, when in America – do as the Americans do. Place your bets, watch football, drink beer, eat food, watch the halftime show, drink more beer, eat more food, watch the rest of the game – and oh, yeah – you are supposed to scream a lot and jump up-and-down all the while. That’s the beauty of what most Americans will be doing tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday.

Obviously, there will be tons of bars playing the game. But, these tend to be overcrowded and full of idiots (at least in my experience). Plus, it is usually hard to see the game, since that dude with a huge head always seems to be standing in front of you. So, rather than fighting crowds in a tight space, why not throw a party yourself?

Here are a few broke-ass ideas that may make for an awesome party:

 Chili Fest

When i was a kid, my parents used to throw this massive Super Bowl party. My mom would always make this amazing veggie chili. Ask all of your friends to bring a can of something to cut down on the cost. Here is my mom’s recipe:

1 onion

2 zucchinis (cut in halves)

2 big cans of diced tomatoes

2 cans of kidney beans

1 can of garbanzo beans

1 can of hominy

1 can of mild green chilis

1 can of tomato paste

chili powder

salt, pepper and sugar to taste

Throw all ingredients into a pan and simmer for 45 minutes. Serve with cheese and sour cream on top to cut the spice.


Make Nachos

Nachos are even cheaper than chili. All you need is a few bags of chips and some cheese. If you want to go all out – throw on some salsa, possibly beans and sour cream. You could also go to Taco Bell and steal a whole bunch of their sauces to add some exotic flavor.


Order Domino’s 

Ok, I know everyone says that Domino’s Pizza is gross – but actually there is one literally behind my house and it is not that bad. The best thing about it is to order it via their online tracker. I always use the Latino Soap Opera theme when I order online. I do this just to hear the guys say, “Your pizza is going in the oven now,” in this hot Spanish accent that gets me every time. Ask all of your friends to pitch in $5, and you are sure to get enough pizza to feed a classroom.


Host a BBQ

Tell everyone you are having a BBQ tomorrow, and they will all ask you what the should bring. Make a list, and check it twice. Assign everyone to bring something different. If you are smart about this, you can have a feast of hamburgers and all the fixings without even throwing down a dime out of your own pocket. You may want to go all out and buy a twelver of Natty Ice, just so you don’t look so cheap…


Crash Another Party

Let’s face it. Crashing someone else’s Super Bowl party is definitely the cheapest way to go. Just walk up and down your neighborhood, listen for people cheering and walk right through the front door. Go ahead and introduce yourself, and make up some excuse as to why you are there. Pretend you are looking for a friend, your wife, your kids, who cares! Any normal person will offer you a beer right away. Feel the vibe and make sure you are cheering for the same team as them to make sure the don’t beat you up or kick you out. Make your way over to the food table and mack down Babylon. Who knows, you may even make some new friends out of it – but at least you scored some free grub…

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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