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Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy at Hank’s Saloon for FREE

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The weekend before Valentine’s Day is upon us. Some of you might actually be celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, seeing as it lands on a Tuesday. If that’s the case then there are many events you can attend this weekend. Depending on whether or not this pre-Valentine Weekend date is your first with said person, you might want to consider doing something that will break the ice. So ladies, how about you get pregnant…with comedy.

On Sunday, February 12th, Hank’s Saloon will be hosting “Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy” at 8pm. This FREE show will feature Malcom Wilford, Julia Stratmann, Jessica Darakjian, Daryl Ellerbe, Carlen Altman and Eric Silver.

If you’re looking to impress your date or just get really drunk on a Sunday night, then you might want to participate in an open mic contest for best joke by an audience member. Participants will judged by audience reaction and the winner will receive a $20 tab at Hank’s Saloon. At some point in the evening a showing of Brokelandia will be screened for the audience.

So, um, go laugh, get drunk and possibly humiliate yourself by telling an awful joke and getting booed off stage. Have fun broke-asses, and remember guys, if you don’t wrap it up you will get someone pregnant. Just ask the parents of the people who were born in November.

Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy
Sunday, February 12th at 8pm
Hank’s Saloon
46 3rd Ave. (Corner of Atlantic Ave.)
[Boerum Hill]

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