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FREE “Love Your Tree” Valentine’s Day Workshop in Brooklyn

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Forget humans– love a tree this Valentine’s Day!  Unlike your slowly decaying relationship with your significant other, trees grow stronger over time, and provide tons of beauty and happiness in your life.  As part of the MillionTreesNYC project, you can now “adopt” a tree in New York City.  What does this mean?  Well, pick a tree in your neighborhood, commit to making sure that it doesn’t croak, and MillionTrees will send you care instructions and gardening tools for FREE.

Want more information? First, visit the MillionTrees website, read up on the program, and use their search feature to find a needy tree in your area.  Then, if you’re free today, attend a special “Love Your Tree” workshop at the New Lots Public Library in Brooklyn.   Attendees will mulch trees surrounding the library, fill their noggins with info about tree care, then get FREE gardening equipment to take home with them.  What an awesome, helpful way to spend Valentine’s Day (that doesn’t involve over-eating heart-shaped candy, and exchanging plastic do-dads that were made in China).

Trees are the perfect objects of affection– they don’t talk back, you don’t have to worry about having eventual marriage and baby talks, and you can read under them.  And in the event that you do decide to have a relationship with an actual person, taking care of a tree is an adorable project that you and your honey can work on together.  So, whether you make it to to the workshop this afternoon or not, get on the MillionTrees website and adopt a poor, leafy, green thing, ya dig?

“Love Your Tree” Valentine’s Day Workshop
Tuesday, February 14th, 11am-12:30pm
New Lots Public Library (665 New Lots Ave. Brooklyn)
[East New York]

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Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

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