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Why We Love Barcade in Williamsburg

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Video games. Who doesn’t love video games? Here’s a better question—who wouldn’t love alcohol and arcade games? Probably Newt Gingrich, but I digress. I had heard about a place that combined the two and it goes by the simplistically clever name of Barcade.

I happened to walk into Barcade one day after work. Lucky me, I got there in time for both Happy Hour and for their “Brooklyn Night” event. Everything on the menu was provided by Brooklyn Brewery and at $5 a beer, it wasn’t too bad. Barcade is next to a motorcycle shop and once you walk in you’re not quite sure where to go. Do you hit the bar or go play some vintage arcade games? The arcades surround the entire wind-powered establishment, the high scores hang above the Frogger, Joust and Donkey Kong games and the snacks are located near the register. Happy hour from Monday-Friday lasts until 8pm and they also have their Fishermans special for $8 (Fisherman Brew and a shot of Jim Bean).

For the “Brooklyn Night” event, I had the Brooklyn Backbreaker 2009 and I must say, I now know how it earned its name. For my second drink of the night I tried the Brooklyn Winter Ale. It was smooth and pleasant enough for the winter season we’re kind of having in New York.

The dimly lit atmosphere is perfect for a fun night with friends or for a fun date. The lak of seating is the only downfall I see from this place, really. I’ll assume dogs are allowed in when it’s not busy because at least six of them made their way into the bar when I was there—one guy brought three of them at once and practically let them run loose.

If there was anything that I learned that night at Barcade, it was that Frogger is a lot more difficult than I had previously believed.

Happy Hour: Open-8pm
388 Union Avenue (between Ainslie & Powers Street)

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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