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Check Out “Youthquake: The 1960s Fashion Revolution”: FREE at FIT

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I think that pretty much everyone goes through a “60s phase” at some point in their lives. Whether you’re into the music, the tumultuous political and social goings-on, or the totally groovy fashions– the swingin’ 60s were for sure a culturally rich decade. Now you can get inspired by all of that countercultural goodness by visiting a new FREE exhibition at the Museum at FIT– Youthquake: The 1960s Fashion Revolution opens today.

Featuring mod dresses emblazoned with Bob Dylan’s sunglass-shielded face, flowing hippie garb, and a pair of badass sky blue boots printed with images of The Beatles, Youthquake offers up some sartorial inspiration for almost anyone. And with Spring just around the corner, you can get some ideas for that new “Slutty Twiggy” or “Musty Tree Sitter” or “Post Apocalyptic Jackie O.”-inspired look that you’ll be crafting in the upcoming warmer months. Get over to FIT, learn about 60s fashion, and then hit those local thrift stores to quake up your youth without breaking your bank account.

The far out exhibition runs until April 7th. More information can be found HERE, on the FIT website. Peace, love and FREE, my friends!

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Youthquake: The 1960s Fashion Revolution
March 6th- April 7th, 2012
Fashion Institute of Technology
7th Ave. and 27th St., NYC

Photo credit: FIT

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Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

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