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Comedy Night Hosted by Hannibal Buress at The Knitting Factory – FREE On Sundays

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As most of you might know, The Knitting Factory has established itself as a well known venue for musicians, events and many up and coming acts for more than 20 years. Now basing its operations out of Williamsburg, The Knitting Factory continues to excel in New York’s music scene by continuing to host multiple affairs such as their weekly Comedy Night event.

Every Sunday evening The Knitting Factory presents Comedy Night hosted by comedian, Hannibal Buress. The night usually consists of laughs provided by a lineup of three or more aspiring comedians, looking to make a name for themselves. The show begins at 9pm and no tickets are required because the event is absolutely FREE. The event takes place at The Knitting Factory’s Front Bar, so you must be 21 and over to attend.

It’s April Fools Day this Sunday. If that doesn’t make this the perfect opportunity to have some more laughs, I don’t know what will. For more about Hannibal Buress you may visit his page here and for more info about Comedy Night or The Knitting Factory you can visit their site here.

Comedy Night at The Knitting Factory
Every Sunday at 9pm
The Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave.

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  1. Robin Hardwick - Cost-Conscious Connoisseur

    Hannibal Buress is great! One of the best live comics I’ve seen.