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Pillow Fight NYC 2012: The Bunny Edition

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Everyone loves a good old fashion pillow fight, unless you’re a Pillow Pet. In which case, Saturday, April 7th might double as the Hunger Games version of the pillow world in New York City. In other words, presents, the 7th annual Pillow Fight in New York: The Bunny Edition. Us humans will select a tribute (pillow) to do battle with, as we dress up as bunnies; sporting either bunny ears or bunny tails. After which, we go to war.

This festive, passive-aggressive event will take place in Washington Square Park at 3pm. The following rules are set in place for safet:

+ Soft, feather-free pillows only!
+ Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
+ Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
+ Remove glasses beforehand!
+ Deposit pillows in donation boxes or take them with you.
+ Pajamas welcome.

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Once the battle royale of pillows comes to a conclusion, you can head over to Billy Hurricane or the Idle Hands bar for the Pillow Fight After-Party. For more info on that you can visit their Facebook page here.

Pillow Fight NYC 2012: The Bunny Edition
Saturday, April 7th at 3pm (After-Party at 5pm)
Washington Square Park
[Greenwich Village]

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