Broke-Ass Mom Takes a Time-Out

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Today I had to give myself a time out.  With only one nap this week, my husband working late every night, and constant “Why?” questions from my son, any Broke-Ass Mom would need a time out.  We don’t have the luxury of jetting off to a facial, or a massage, and we certainly don’t have access to a nanny.  When a Broke-Ass Mom has had enough, she has to channel her inner strength and pray that CPS won’t be called before she makes it to bedtime. Although, if CPS is called, at least she’ll get a break.

How can a Broke-Ass Mom make it through a tough week?

  1. Time outs – Seriously, I’m not kidding.  Give yourself a time out.  Just casually walk into another room, and take a deep breath.  Stay there breathing deep until they find you.
  2. Go for a walk – Strap that kid into a stroller and go for a walk.  Go anywhere; it doesn’t matter. Just giving yourself a little distance will feel good.
  3. Go for a run – This is even better than walking because now you’ve given yourself a little excuse to not have to answer every “Why?” question because you’re breathing too hard to talk.
  4. Phone a friend – Hopefully you have a friend in the neighborhood you can send an SOS signal to.  Call them up, and go over to their house for an hour or so while your child plays with theirs.
  5. Read a book with your child – If your child likes books like mine does, this is an easy way to get a little headspace.  Yesterday I read my son an entire chapter of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne.  It took us thirty minutes, and he listened quietly the whole time.
  6. Playground – This is a great distraction, and there will be other children for them to ask “Why?” instead of you.
  7. Grocery Store – I don’t know why this works, but it does.  Maybe it’s because our butcher juggles, maybe it’s the free Aged Gruyere samples, or maybe it’s the cool 80’s music they play.  Whatever the reason, it works.
  8. Bath time – I put my toddler in the bath, and since he’s perfectly content to play by himself in there it frees me up to take a deep breath in the hallway.  I can still see him, but now we have a little distance between us.
  9. Skype the Grandparents – If you have the Internet, then you can download Skype for free.  This is a win-win situation.  The Grandparents can amuse your child while you just sit there and listen.
  10. Get out – Do anything else physical and outside.  Something about the fresh air and change of scenario helps everyone – even you.

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Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks

Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks

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