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Flaunt Your Intelligence (And Get FREE Drinks) at Nerd Jeopardy

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Full disclosure:  I was on the quiz bowl team in high school.  Actually, I was captain of the quiz bowl team.  For four years.  Now that’s a Code Red Nerd Alert if I’ve ever seen one.  That being said, I have a soft spot for trivia, or any kind of Jeopardy!-style game whatsoever.  But you know what my quiz bowl team matches were missing, besides a dermatologist to treat the abundance of pimples that my teenage teammates and I were sporting?  Booze.  FREE booze.  I bet I would have had the courage to make eyes at that dreamy mathlete from the rival high school with a few drinks in me.  Well, lucky for you, you can exercise your brain muscle– while downin’ some FREE bevs and making eyes at fellow literature nerds– at McNally Jackson Bookstore’s Nerd Jeopardy event tonight.

Presented by Small Demons and Farrar, Straus and Giroux’s Work in Progress, Nerd Jeopardy promises to leave you feeling “vindicated for majoring in 19th Century Russian Poetry.”  Teams of three compete against other geek trios, working to win the respect of their book-loving peers (a difficult feat!), and “assorted prizes” (whatever that means).  Either way, the event’s website promises FREE drinks and an the opportunity to be a part of an audience full of ruthless hecklers, so this shin-dig sounds pretty good to me.

Nerd Jeopardy starts at 7pm tonight.  Get your geek on!

Nerd Jeopardy
Tuesday, April 17th at 7pm
McNally Jackson Bookstore
52 Prince St. (at Lafayette St.) NYC

Photo credit: NY Times

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