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Listen to FREE ‘Bach at Noon’ Organ Concerts on Your Lunch Hour

Updated: Apr 23, 2012 19:17
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As someone who couldn’t even handle learning the recorder in the fifth grade, I give mad props to anyone who is even remotely musically inclined. If you even kind of play the guitar, you’re a total superstar in my eyes. If your clarinet skills recall that of a snake charmer in Marrakech, I am in awe. If I can shimmy to your tambourine-banging, well, basically I have the hots for you and want to plaster posters of you all over my bedroom. You get the picture– I have major musician love.

But, in my humble opinion, no instrument is more badass than the giant, bellowing behemoth that is the organ. Organs are just so shiver-down-spine-inducing, and make me feel like I should be wearing billowy robes and shuffling through chilly, Gothic corridors or something. For this reason, I am extremely jazzed to listen to some Bach at Noon, FREE courtesy of Grace Church in the West Village, and its chamber organ.

Tuesday through Friday, from 12:20pm-12:50pm, you can jam to the Baroque classics of Johann Sebastian Bach, in a historic church, on your lunch break. How amazing does that sound? Plus, it’s completely FREE! I, for one, will definitely be speed-walking over to Grace Chruch to recharge my soul the next time I find myself falling asleep at work (read: pretty much every gosh darned day). More information can be found on Grace Church’s website.

Bach at Noon
Tuesdays-Fridays until May 25th, 12:20-12:50pm
Grace Church
802 Broadway (at E. 10th St.)
[Greenwich Village]

Photo credit: Grace Church website

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Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

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