What Does a Broke-Ass Do With In-Laws?

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The in-laws are in town.  I’ll bet you’re wondering, what does a Broke-Ass Mom do with her in-laws when she and her son are their main source of entertainment?  Good question. If anyone has some ideas let me know because I’m at a loss?  I mean, my son is cute and all, but how far can cuteness get you?  Luckily, they are grandparents, so we could probably skate by for a little bit on this, but after spending too much time at our house they may start to think “What does she do with him all day?  Do they not leave the house?  Is she not exposing him to new things?  He needs to get out of the house and experience life?”  Well, no one who knows me could accuse me of not exposing my child to life.  After all, we live in a city, we don’t own a car, and our favorite playground is where all the wanna-be hippies go to smoke pot (Sure, it’s on the other side of the playground, but we do go listen to them play the drums every now and again.  What’s a little second-hand smoke amongst friends?  Maybe he’ll nap a little longer that day.)

But I digress.  What does a Broke-Ass Mom do with her in-laws? I think the real question is not what do we do with them, but do we subject them to our Broke-Ass life, or do we ask to be taken for a ride through their non-Broke-Ass life? The answer is a little of both.  We take them to our playground (FREE), we eat lunch at home (cheaper than eating out), we go to most places with the use of our feet (leave their rental car at home), and maybe peruse the library (also FREE).  That could be one day. The second day we could let them take us swimming (not FREE), take us out to lunch (also not FREE), and drive to a far away place just for the hell of it (use their rental car to get there).

That’s as far as I’ve gotten, but as you know, we Broke-Ass Moms are creative and inventive.  If we weren’t, Broke-Asses would have died off long ago.  So, I’ll think of something for day three, but in the meantime, if you think of something, can you send me your comments.  From one Broke-Ass to another, give a girl a hand.

Photo by: Hubby

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Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks

Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks

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