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Daisy Flour Pie Contest at Smorgasburg

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Do you love pie? Do you love having large samples of pie? Well, you’re in luck. Every Saturday on the Williamsburg waterfront, between North 6th and 7th street, the Brooklyn Flea Food Market hosts Smorgasburg, an outlet for food entrepreneurs and established purveyors. On Saturday, June 9th, The Daisy Flour Pie Contest will be held at Smorgasburg at 2pm. You can come by, invite your friends and even sample a couple of pies for only $5. You’ll also be able to vote for the winners of the pie contest.

Judges will be on hand to vote for prizes, but the grand prize will be based on the popular vote from the crowd. The grand prize will be a Cuisinart Food Processor, while the other prizes include pie making tools and ingredients! Just think about how important your potential vote may be and how happy you can make a pie maker.

The pies will be made from Pennsylvania’ s own Daisy Flour and all proceeds will be donated to the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen.

Daisy Flour Pie Contest at Smorgasburg
Saturday, June 9th at 2pm
Price: $5
Brooklyn Flea Food Market
27 North 6th Street

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