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Watch Badass Dance Battles at the Step To the High Line Festival

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Teenage dance battles: could there be anything more awesome?  No, definitely not.  Which is why you should check out the FREE Step to the High Line Festival, taking place this Wednesday through Friday on, duh, the High Line.  Each evening, two high-energy step teams will battle it out for the glory, the power, and the title of Badass Step Champions of the World (okay, so I made this part up).  Step Up 4: The High Line!

Per the High Line website: “Stepping is an energetic and precise form of group movement that uses a mixture of spoken word, footsteps, and handclaps to transform the participants’ bodies into rhythmic instruments. The history of stepping is rooted in the competitive schoolyard song and dance rituals of historically African American fraternities and sororities.”  Spoken word and bodies-as-instruments, you say?  Uh, okay, count me in!

The dance competition will culminate on Friday, but the Step to the High Line festivities will continue into the weekend, when there will be a FREE dance workshop and showcase.  You can learn to be a badass step champion yourself!  Dream come true!  For a full schedule of the week’s festivities, visit the High Line website, then step on over the the High Line, fools!

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Step to the High Line Festival
Wednesday, June 13th- Sunday, June 17th
The High Line
14th St. and 11th Ave. NYC

Photo credit: The High Line

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