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Broke-Ass(es) of the Week, Pride Edition: Jesse Hewit and Evan Roberts at Frameline 36

Updated: Jun 18, 2012 12:03
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It’s mid-June, folks, which in San Francisco means we are heading into the home stretch of Pride month.  As Market Street gets all polychromatic and workers frantically try to blast all the dried “character” away, all across town festivals, booze- busts, lecturers and shindigs are popping up like so many nosegays. 

To help you along we’ll be highlighting all the places to go and the cheapest ways to get there. Time to get out y’all!

On that note, in addition to featuring the lovely Rean Taylor as our Broke-Ass of the Week we have a double-bill of some other broke-asses just in time for Frameline 36.

 Evan Roberts and Jesse Hewit, both featured in this year’s festival, honed their respective crafts in SF and tend to run in the same circles. Evan directed 33 Teeth which is part of Fun in Boys Shorts and Jesse stars (as Jesse Metzger) in I Want Your Love. I used our Editor-In-Cheap‘s famous template to get an insight to the minds behind the magic.


The boys..









Names: Evan Roberts and Jesse Hewit


Evan: Almost 35

Jesse: 31



Evan: Filmmaker, Teacher

Jesse: Artist…mostly in realms of dance, design, and performance, but not necessarily limited to them…


What neighborhood do you live in?

Evan: Windsor Park, North East Austin

Jesse: I live in this margin-ish area between Temescal and Piedmont…in Oakland


Best money saving tip?

Evan: I am the wrong person to ask that. Clipping coupons? Marry rich? Forgetting your wallet when you’re out with friends always works for me.

Jesse: USHER SHOWS! There’s so much good live art to see and experience in the bay…and all these venues need volunteer ushers!


What do you refuse to spend money on?

Evan: I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes or big purchase items, normally. I’ve learned to get by without a lot.

Jesse: Motherfuckin’ parking tickets. I’m a fierce parking rule-follower.


Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Evan: A 1989 Acura Legend I named Tammy Taylor.

Jesse: Answer #1: My freedom (cryptic, right!? YES). Answer #2: My college and grad school degrees.


How’d that feel?

Evan: Horrible. I still have the previous owner’s phone number in my cell phone almost two years later, and I often think about calling him up and asking for my money back. I think I paid too much for what I got.

Jesse: Re: freedom-ultimate. Like walking on water (STILL CRYPTIC. STILL YES).

Re: Degrees- confusing.


Favorite cheap eat?

Evan: Mission Chinese Food in SF, or Yamo’s right around the corner. In Austin, I’m down for a P. Terry’s burger. Or a 85 cent breakfast taco at The Tamale House on Airport and 51st.

Jesse: I rarely eat cheap. I am a shameful slut for expensive food and for food that is exactly what I want at the exactly the time that I want it. I SPEND MOST ALL OF MY MONEY ON FOOD. That said, Sunflower Vietnamese still hits all the right notes and that server queen is the best damned server in San Francisco. He alone is worth walking through the door for.


Favorite dive bar?

Evan: Trax, SF. Hole in the Wall, Austin TX

Jesse: I feel like “dive bars” are all these really meticulously constructed, image-conscious hipster hangouts now. Yeah, I said it. but I do love a hot hipster, and so that said: my favorite dive bar would be something faggy like….maybe The Stud.


Best deal you’ve ever gotten?

Evan: My vintage dresser for free on the sidewalk in SF.

Jesse: My apartment! It’s so beautiful! It’s a huge and proper one bedroom in a really pretty neighborhood, and it has a big backyard and a driveway, and it’s only a thousand bucks a month!


Favorite free thing to do?

Evan: Sitting on a stoop (SF) or back porch (Austin) with friends.

Jesse: Girl, how about a good one-on-one walk-n-talk with a friend!? There is NOTHING finer.


If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?

Evan: Growing up, my fantasy was to win the lottery and then take my friends on a cruise. Now I think I’d just pay of their student loans (and mine.) And buy my parents a retirement home in Wales.

Jesse: A buffalo chicken roller from 7-Eleven. Then I’d buy my boyfriend a recording studio.


Despite not having money, do you still love your life?

Evan: I love my life and I have enough money.

Jesse: Viciously.


Do you own Stuart’s book?

Evan: It’s on lay away.

Jesse: I don’t.


Best hangover cure?

Evan: Not drinking.

Jesse: I dont get hangovers very often because i’m not that kind of drinker. I dont have time for that shit. but the few times I’ve been hungover, the world nearly ended. I CANT HANDLE IT.


Are you a hipster?

Evan: My dad would say I’m a gentleman and a scholar and a man to be reckoned with.

Jesse: Probably not.








I Want Your Love

What would you like to tell our readers about your films?

Evan: I’ve only made a few, but I feel like I’m making films that Evan at 14 years old needed to see. I want to see myself and my friends and my community on screen more often, so right now I’m focusing on making films about queer people.

Jesse: The film I’m a part of is called I WANT YOUR LOVE. it’s a really pretty and thoughtful movie by Travis Mathews, and I’m the lead in it. It’s a movie about a character I play, and bunch of other queer misfit boys in SF. It’s kind of about coming to the end of your rope. It’s about how a sense of place can house someone’s identity; it’s about artists economies; and it’s about how contemporary economic structures are changing the long-standing queer presence in towns like San Francisco. It’s kind of a meditation, a snapshot, a love story, and maybe a gentle call to action. Oh, and it’s also about sex, and its role in all of this.








33 Teeth

Thank-you, gentlemen! Best of luck to the both of you on the festival circuit and can’t wait to see your work!


33 Teeth

Fun In Boys Shorts

Saturday, June 16, 2012 @11:00 a.m./

Sunday, June 24, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m.


I Want Your Love

Sunday, June 17, 2012 @ 9:30 p.m.


Frameline 36

Castro Theatre

429 Castro Street (@ 14th and Market)

[Castro/ Eureka Valley]


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