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BODYFUN: Exercise and Meditation through Dance

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My recommendation for Wednesday, June 27th:

Step 1: Put on those sweat pants or shorts or whatever the hell you want, and get over to the Body Actualized Center at 9 pm.

Step 2: Feel slightly awkward and overly concerned with not looking like an idiot for approximately two minutes.

Step 3: Realize that everyone else feels awkward too.

Step 4: Stop caring. Start dancing.

Step 5: Have the time of your life while burning carbs and opening your mind.


It’s not a rave. Nor is it a tired-ass DIY club full of pretentious, tattooed boozers.

So what is BODYFUN?

Well I would call it a bizzaro-dance class except that there’s no teacher. Nor is there a step routine of any kind. The general gist is that you basically spazz out to some hot jams for one to three hours (as long as you can handle), exchanging that body fat for “bodyfun” (sorry).

BODYFUN, originally called SPAZZERCISE, started as a weekly offering at Secret Project Robot, hosted by Mina Karimi. She created the ritual not only as a great workout, but also as a means of meditation. It is a time to leave your ego at the door and let your body instinctively respond to the pulsing music: a mental exercise in being present.

Says Karimi:

“Last week we turned off all the lights and danced around in blue light and heavy fans. […] By the end of it we were all talking. We had danced away our walls. The DJ played 3 hrs of lyric-free music inducing a tribal vibe. Next week we’ll have live drums. It’s different each time as we all contribute our energy to make it whatever it is. But simply put, it’s just dancing.”

Wednesday June 27th – every other Wednesday
Body Actualized Center
143 Troutman St. (between Central & Evergreen Ave.)

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Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

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