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McCarren Park SummerScreen Returns Tonight With Cruel Intentions! FREE Movies for All!

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Grab your jorts. Grab your girlfriend. Grab your boyfriend. Grab your lawn chair.

SummerScreen is back.

That’s right. After an exceptional 2011 season, SummerScreen is returning this week with a showing tonight of Cruel Intentions featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar and that other dude who was in all those teen movies and you always really hated because he was just such a smug douche-face.

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AND, Todd P. has put together a killer lineup of opening bands to groove you into the cinematic bacchanalia. Tonight: Indian Jewelry and Colin L Orchestra.

I know you’re excited. Frankly, were it not for SummerScreen, NYC summers would just be one giant sweat pile of pain and sorrow. Especially now that the McCarren pool is being ravaged by the antics of rebels without causes who punch lifeguards and assault cops, SummerScreen is really our last remaining community-wide resource for mating. I hope to see you there. Yes, I really mean you.

If you can’t make it this week, that’s cool, because next week is even more awesome with Raising Arizona being presented with opening acts Dustin Wong (from Ponytail), Tim Harrington (Les Savvy Fav), and Talk Normal.

See the full schedule here.

I like the sound of that secret surprise band playing the Dirty Dancing show on the 25th.

Anyway, it all starts tonight at 6pm at McCarren Park.

And yes there are VIP tickets this year that get you up front and close (you rich, entitled jerk).

SummerScreen Presents Cruel Intentions
Wednesday July 11th 6pm
McCarren Park
Bedford Ave at N. 12th St.

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Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

Going to a rich kid school when you aren't even given an allowance certainly trains you to live large on the cheap. Armed with such expertise, Jules travelled the globe, surviving off of 50 cent beers and 2 dollar meals everywhere from Buenos Aires to Mumbai. Three years ago he returned to the United States, living first in Baltimore while he settled a debt with the IRS, then in Brooklyn where he plays music and writes. He aspires to one day live in a van on N.15th and Kent.

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