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Community Outreach For Independent Creatives

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I’m a writer. I love my typewriter, I dig dive bars, and most days I run on coffee and dreams. Everyday I meet people who say something like, “Man, I just wish I could quit my job and just do my art/writing/photography/etc.” I was lucky enough to do it a year ago.

It turns out I’m good at the marketing part. In my mind, the more people I can teach about what works, the more good writing, art, food, etc. there will be getting out there for everyone to enjoy. So I’m taking what I know and offering a class to other authors, musicians, artists, artisans, and crafts-people who want to get better at marketing their work. My secret sauce is that I tell you the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

Community Outreach for Independent Creatives

You will learn how to:
•    Set the right outreach goals
•    Use your limited time more effectively
•    Write better emails, social media posts, and event materials
•    Strengthen and grow your existing network of contacts
•    Take 22 specific actions you can start doing tomorrow. Why 22? You’ll find out at the class.

The class will help you learn better strategies for Community Outreach and marketing for your projects, events, and campaigns. I would love to see you there.

Community Outreach for Independent Creatives
Wednesday, July 25
367 9th Street (@ Folsom), Upstairs


Cost: $35

Register Here

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Scott James - Paperback Pundit

Scott James - Paperback Pundit

Author of Sidewalk Ritual, self-publishing teacher, lover of coffee and IPA.