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Thorny Rose Wines: See Where It Takes You…and Where It Took Me

Updated: Sep 04, 2012 17:36
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There’s a certain luxury that comes with being a blogger/writer during these difficult financial times, and that is, you can indulge in a relaxing environment, intermingled at these captivating events for the cost of—nothing.

Thus was the case on the placid evening of Thursday, August 8th.  Thorny Rose Wines was celebrating their launch at the Lower East Side’s Hotel Chantelle, and I was cordially invited. Their rooftop, a refuge from the city noise, turned out to be the exuberant setting for an evening of Jenga games, art, music, and complimentary food and wine.

As people began pouring into the rooftop, I sat and admired sculptor, anatomist and painter, Frank Porcu as he feverishly worked on a mural for Thorny Rose Wines. As the evening went on, and the sun disappeared over the horizon, his artwork came to life with lively coloring. Frank’s display of artistic techniques revealed how diligent he must have been in order to have mastered his craft. I may not be an art critic, but if you can create something beautiful on stilts on a hot summer day in New York City with a crowd watching over you and music blaring, then you sir, are a maestro.

I was able to enjoy Thorny Rose Wines’ Red Blend—a wine that is said to combine blackberries, black cherries, raspberries, graham crackers, sassafras, vanilla and cocoa—as DJ Mia Moretti spun an eclectic collection of music. And with the help from the bleach-blonde violinist, Caitlin Moe, the joyous vibe continued onto the Brooklyn-based syntho-pop duo, Chairlift’s intimate performance.

Custom screen-printed t-shirts possessing the words “Feeling Thorny” were handed out to guests, but the small table stationed to create personalized wristbands drew a crowd very quickly, and unfortunately for me, I couldn’t decorate my bare wrist. All was not lost, because a few bites from Ty-Lör Boring’s (from Top Chef, Season 9) caramelized onion empanadas and the lamb meatball sliders put a cheerful grin on my face. It was either that or the mixture of the Pinot Grigio’s melon, lemon, tropical pineapple, and orchard pears that had finally gotten to me.

I’m not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but like a gentleman at the event told me, it is not about the name, exclusivity or the price of the wine. All that matters is whether or not you like it. Luckily, Thorny Rose Wines provided me with a few cups of wine I surely enjoyed.

(Thorny Rose Wines is now available in the following NYC locations: Dawn Liquors, Madison Avenue Wines, Wine Heaven, Tenth Avenue Wine & Liquors. Available nationwide September 2012.)

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