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FREE Fire, Fotos, Footage and Fun Event

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Fire dancing in the city?!? It’s here and it’s thriving… if you know where to find it.

And you are, as of right now, invited to be part of it. If you’re a fire dancer, you can perform in a cool public location and be photographed. If you’re a photographer or videographer, you have a talented group of dancers to shoot.

If you’re neither, like me, it’s a rad chance to go and see a FREE fire dancing show.

Photo source: Larry Wong’s Fire dancing series

I got the chance to talk with Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs (pictured above), founder of SF’s own fire dancing academy, Temple of Poi. She said that she originally envisioned this event as a way for Temple of Poi students to practice, but that it has grown well beyond her and now has a life of its own. This month celebrates the 31st gathering at various locations around the city.

She wrote that the culture of the event has really changed the quality of fire dancing photos out there in the world as well as creating an ongoing opportunity for photographers and fire dancers to collaborate.

Me: What should a first-timer expect?

Isa: First timers are welcome! Come and photograph, spin, fire safety or simply watch the fun. We ask all onlookers to stay out of the main spinning area. Photographers can get information on starting out with taking fire photography here: Fire dancers should bring their own fuel and catch tray. And audience members should prepare to be inspired, impressed and fired up by the awesome spectacle.

Who should a photographer talk to first when he/she gets there?

This event is a casual Meetup and photographers and dancers can check in with me, Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs, for fire safety information, a run down of on site protocol, and to help gain introductions to the artists, though no one is specifically in charge of this event. Artists and photographers gather at will and work in flow to co-create beautiful art. People are generally friendly and if you ask for help they will likely give it, so don’t feel compelled to wait for GlitterGirl to show up.

What’s your favorite thing about this event?

What I love most about this event is that the community is growing, artists get to share and the world gets to observe our awesome art form in a public venue in San Francisco. While we do get shut down by the police sometimes, these days we get to spin more than not, bringing hundreds of people from the Bay Area and beyond to practice their prayer-formance art.

Very cool. Artists can improve their portfolios, and dancers can have better shots to use for promotions. That said, it seems clear that the event is a celebration of fire dancing and all are welcome- which is good for me, because I just want to go watch.

Interested? Find out more on their Facebook invite or Meetup home page. Head down and

Fire, Fotos, Footage and Fun
Thursday, September 13
8:00 – 10:30pm
Justin Herman Plaza, SF


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